10 Funny Beach Quote To Make You Happy While Traveling

A beach is a place where you can relax and think about the good and sad parts of your life. Check out the inspirational beach quotes we have written for you below. Going to the beach makes you think for sure. Imagine you are standing and staring at the ocean, and thinking about life. It will be better if you have someone by your side then.

Beach life just strikes you in a different way and you have to experience it from time to time in your life. Reading beach quotes while staying on a beach on a weekend or even traveling will make you feel extremely happy.

1. I love you more than all the grain of sand on all the beaches of the world. ”

How many grains of sand are there on the beach? What if someone tells you they love you as much as there are particles of sand on the beach. Must be an amazing feeling, right? Beaches are a place where you can enjoy the ambience and the cold.

2. “I love you to the shoreline and back.”

Beach pools are the best! Where does the sea end? We have no idea! When we look as far as our eyesight goes, it feels like it’s unlimited!

3. “I need you as a butterfly needs wings and the ocean needs water.”

When you love someone, you need them most in your life to always be by your side! It’s like an ocean that needs water. Going to a beach is healthy!

4. “If you want to know how much I love you … count all the waves in the sea.”

Love can never be explained in words no matter how hard you try. It is your actions that tell you whether you love someone or not. Next time your partner tells you this, read this quote to them.

5. “I love you more than stars in the sky, waves in the ocean and grains of sand from sand on the beach.”

There are no measurements for love just as there are for time and weight in minutes and kilograms. You can use nature, stars, and the beach to describe your love.

6. “In high tide or low tide, I will be by your side (always).”

You should always be with the people you love and care for whether it is high tide or low tide in the ocean of your life. Don’t give up so soon!

7. “The sand may brush the salt away washing up but the memories will last forever.

When you spend some time with someone you care about, you eventually make so many good memories. Those memories are always worth holding onto! Brush away the sand and start again.

8. “Do I love you? My God if your love were a particle of sand, mine would be a universe of beaches. ”

How beautiful is to love someone and have feelings towards someone, right? When you want to express your love for someone, you should use the quote mentioned above and they will certainly be scared!

9. “Sensory pleasures have the brilliance of the comet fleet; a happy marriage has a lovely sunset silence. ”

The best part about being on a beach is the sunset scene. Going to the beach is pointless if you can’t see the sunset, right? When you marry someone, it’s like watching a sunset, forever.

10. “She caught like a shell of the sea and listened to her heart.”

When you put the shells near your ear, you will hear all the love that lives in the ocean. Just like when you listen to your partner’s heartbeat.


Let’s be honest that going to the beach is a lot of fun and you have to experience it often in your life. Going to the beach will make you think about those things that you don’t usually think of. So take a look at the beach quotes we have noted for you above.

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