A Perfect Guide To Planning A Caravan Holiday In Scotland

With international travel restrictions still in place, more people are exploring the possibility of staying in the country. This calls for a perfect British type holiday – a canvas vacation. Well, if you’re also thinking of going on a motor stop, go through our excellent guide to planning a caravan holiday in Scotland.

Get All the Basics

If you are planning to buy one of the many static caravans for sale, Scotland may just be the place for you. But before you proceed to the countryside cruise, you need to tick boxes from this essential checklist set out below.

  • Medical Supplies: Carry a box of essential medicines with you.
  • Cooking Utensils: Pack some cooking utensils to prepare meals on the go.
  • Power Bank: To save your phone from running out of power, a power bank is essential.
  • Spare wheel: Uncertainty in vehicles is common, carry a spare wheel and essential equipment to avoid obstruction due to a flat tire.
  • Secure Gas Supply: Load the caravan with enough cooking gas to help you brew coffee and hot meals.
  • Carrying Fuel: Always carry an extra gallon of fuel if you run out of it in the middle of nowhere.
  • Carry Safety Equipment: Carry adequate locks and clicks and check before you sleep or leave the caravan behind.

Best Season To Visit Scotland For Caravaning

Most people think summer is the best time to visit Scotland, but we have a contrarian approach for the best season to visit Scotland. If you’re thinking of visiting Scotland in the summer, be prepared to face a huge crowd while you’re there. So that makes winter, spring and autumn the best seasons to visit the country in a caravan. Hands down, May and September are the most optional months to plan a motor trip to the country. May because the air is still warm, but the crowd is not there, September because the color of autumn orange will be soothing to the eyes.

Is Camping in the Wild an Option?

If you are thinking of a more remote caravan stay, that might not be possible in Scotland. Why? Because under the Land Reform Act 2000, campers are allowed to set up their camps, caravans, and motor homes only in pre-defined campsites. So, unfortunately, you can’t set up camp in the middle of nowhere, a site that is not part of the campsite.

Best Places to Go to Camp and Caravan In Scotland

Now that you understand how to take care of the essentials around you, you also need to know the best places to go and spend some quality time interrupting.

Mull Island Hidden Farm Camp

The campsite on this far western place steps away from the beach. So you could set up camp at the waves and wake up to the soothing sound of water splashing against the shore. What makes the campsite even more appealing is the duo of crystal clear water and white sand and rocky form.

Queen Elizabeth Stonehaven Park and Outdoor Swimming Pool

If you visit Scotland in the English Summer, the scorching heat calls for a dip in the swimming pool. Queen Elizabeth Stonehaven Park is an excellent site for camping with its outdoor swimming pool where you can play some pool ball as well.

Lennie Lake

The views from this point of view are quite stunning, and you need to take a few hours to enjoy the scenic beauty. The area offers a host of other activities than photography, such as kayaking in the open waters, sailing, as well as cliff diving. Dolphins and golden eagles might be interesting, which you could look at while you’re by the Loch. If you love to visit high places, you can always take a cable car up the Aonach Mor mountains. Witness the sunset there and enjoy the great views.

Ben Nevis

Fort Williams is one of Scotland’s best places to stroll through the country’s fertile history. Ben Nevis is Britain’s most extended mountain, and has some great hikes to offer you. Come down here, park your caravan and enjoy a snow climb in the winter season.

Exploring the ruins of the old Inverlochy Castle is a great idea. Canoeing and white water rafting are also great water sports options near Ben Nevis. If you’re an experienced plumber, you can go diving at sites like Lochaber. History lovers can plan a visit to the West Highland Museum. With its founding year in 1922, it is among the oldest museums in the British Highlands.

Harris Island

South of Harris Island is our recommended camp site – Horgabost Campsite. The campground’s USP is the remote it offers. You can enjoy the scenic views during the day, and at night, you can also star and record the glittering stars. Sometimes, when the pollution is minimal and the bad luck subsides, one can also see Northern Lights from here.


So that’s how you can plan a caravan holiday in Scotland, make sure you carry your essential documents like insurance papers, driving license, and licenses along with you. Also, keep your seat belts on while you’re on the road.

Author: gerarguak

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