An internet sex study reveals what people really want

Straight men prefer heavier women than thinner women and find feet erotic, finds a remarkable survey of online searches
The study also reveals that women enjoy reading about romances between two men

Scientists have finally grasped our deepest sexual desires – by looking at what people type into Google.

They’ve examined a billion sex-related online searches from around the world to find out what consumers click on when no one else is looking.

The findings were published in a book called A Billion Wicked Thoughts, co-written by Ogi Ogas and Sai Gaddam. The pair hope that it will prove that there is no such thing as sexual deviance as almost nothing is considered out of bounds.

The survey is so extensive, it is considered by many experts as the most complete analysis of human sexual desires.

Findings include the fact that straight men prefer heavier women than thinner ones and find feet erotic.

They also enjoy a wide variety of erotic images, including strangely elderly and trans women.

Meanwhile, straight women enjoy reading about and watching romances between two men, but only when the focus is on emotion and not sex.

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Gay men and straight men were found to have the same favorite body parts, which are in order of chests, buttocks and then feet.

Amazingly, search engines originate from Dogpile, which provided the search data from Google, Yahoo! and Bing said nearly 80 percent of internet searches contain 20 interests, ranging from youth to cheerleaders.

Mr Ogas told the New York Post: ‘Sex therapists have not known what benefits are common and which are rare,’

‘We probably know more than ever before.’

Youth (13.5 per cent)
Gay (4.7 percent)
MILFs (4.3 percent)
Breasts (4 percent)
Cheating wives (3.4 percent)
Vaginas (2.8 percent)
Penises (2.4 percent)
(Blocked in the book)
Barrels (0.9 percent)
Sailors (0.1 per cent)

Doctors said the findings could now help reassure patients who think what they are interested in is perverse or disturbed, when in fact it may be quite common.

Information from the search also found that men fantasize about some group more than women, and depict more men than women in action.

Straight men prefer to watch amateur porn online, and domination and submission are popular among straight women and gay men. Gay men also enjoy watching straight porn.

Experts think that because porn is so readily available on the internet it could be helping human desire to evolve as billions of men and women are logging on more and more.

Before the internet boom, there were less than 90 porn magazines, but there are now an estimated 2.5 million blocked porn websites.

However, Donald Symons, a prominent evolutionary psychologist in America, thinks the survey does not necessarily prove that people feel the images are stirring and may be just looking for curiosity.

Others point out that there is no way of knowing what prompted any of the searches.

Dr Symons told the New York Post: ‘Ogi is convinced that when people look for things, he is primarily about sexual excitement. I’m not so sure about that. If there was a porn star with three breasts – I bet there would be a million hits. Would that sign suddenly get excited by that? I don’t think so. ‘

The authors of the book, however, argue that the study experiences sexual desire as they notice that people are spending money on subscriptions and visiting the sites over and over again, showing that they are not just curious.

Author: gerarguak

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