Developers In Singapore Mobile Web Power Harness

Developers In Singapore Mobile Web Power Harness

AMPlify to Improve Mobile Application Development Capabilities.

Local mobile application developers can now gain advanced technical skills training and hands-on experience with leading mobile MNC partners.

This is made possible with the Simplified Applications-Multi-Platform (AMPlify) initiative launched today by the Infocomm Development Authority in Singapore (IDA).

Working with MNC partners such as Google, Microsoft, Nokia and Research In Motion (RIM), developers will receive training in technical areas relevant to partner operating platforms, including cross-platform technologies, web-based technologies, and interface and user experience. design.

They will also have the opportunity to leverage the partners’ channels to market the solutions they have developed during the training period.

Highlighting the growing interest and use in consumer and enterprise mobile applications, Mr Andrew Khaw, IDA’s Senior Director of Industry Development Group, said, “Mobility is a key driver for our Infocomm industry. We look forward to developing relationships with highly skilled local mobile talents under the AMPlify initiative that can position our iLEs competitively for long-term growth. It is encouraging to know that our main mobile MNCs partners share the same sentiments and have offered their resources to work with our local mobile developers to strengthen their capabilities. We hope other MNC partners will be encouraged to join the cause. ”

Google is excited to be part of the AMPlify initiative with the IDA to help local developers harness the power of the mobile web, ”said Andrew McGlinchey, Head of Product Management, Google Southeast Asia. “To make it easy for developers to build and distribute applications, we provide tools containing over 60 versatile APIs for our products, cloud infrastructure through App Engine, millions of lines of open source code, and mobile monetization platforms innovative. We are committed to helping developers drive mobile web innovation that will lead to powerful and compelling applications for consumers and businesses reaching millions of people worldwide. ”

“Microsoft believes strongly in the value of the building and supporting the local software economy wherever we operate. We are excited to participate in AMPlify and iLEAD, which can have a real impact on the rapidly growing mobile application development market. This is an opportunity for Singapore developers to gain global exposure as new mobile platforms enter the market including the upcoming Windows Phone 7 platform. Microsoft is proud to provide support to IDA initiatives that create a positive growth environment for Singapore’s developer and entrepreneur communities, ”said John Fernandes, Director, Developer and Product Evangelist, Microsoft Singapore.

Kenny Mathers, Head of Nokia Forum, Developer Relations and Marketing, APAC, said, “We are very excited to be part of this IDA-driven strategic initiative. Developers are central to Nokia’s strategy of an open ecosystem and future success. With more than 4 million developers registered with Forum Nokia worldwide, we are focusing on driving innovation with developers to bring exciting content and applications to Nokia mobile users across our technology platforms. At a local level, Nokia plays a key role in building strategic collaborations with government agencies such as IDA, schools and learning institutions to train and equip future mobile architects and developers. That’s why Nokia commits our support and resources in IDA’s AMPlify initiative. ”

“RIM is proud to be a founding partner and supporter of the AMPlify initiative and shares a common vision with IDA focused on nurturing the developer community in Singapore,” said Gregory Wade, Managing Director, Southeast Asia, RIM . “RIM is committed to providing developers in Singapore with the tools, capabilities and support that will help them successfully design, distribute and monetise applications for the BlackBerry platform.”

Apart from AMPlify, which leverages IDA’s Infocomm Leadership and Development Program (iLEAD) under the specialized technology domain of Application Development, it has also been announced that the iLEAD program will be enhanced to offer more training and attachment opportunities in two new specialist technology zones : Business Analytics. and Infocomm in Business Zone.

These two new domains will complement the existing five areas of Application Development, Cloud / Grid Computing, Green IT, Infocomm Security and Network Engineering.

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