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Do you have any plans to move to a different state in the country? Maybe it’s because of a job transfer, a new job opportunity, or you just want a fresh start. Sometimes, when traveling to a different state, you have to handle several things, and you may not want to drive your own car. In these cases it will be necessary to transport cars to the Hawaii service.

What is a car haulage service?

Let’s say you want to travel to Hawaii and you don’t want to drive your own car. You can hire a car to Hawaii, and they will be the one to transport your car to Hawaii. This is a convenient method, especially if you handle multiple issues or are too tired to drive the car yourself.

There are two main types of car transport service. These carry open and closed cars. As the name implies, open car transportation is when your car is transported in a long trailer with two levels. This is the common type of car haulage type and the one you have probably seen on the highways.

On the other hand, closed car transportation is when your vehicle is fully enclosed in the trailer while it is being transported. Needless to say, closed car shipping has better security than open car shipping – more of their differences below.

Open Car Shipping

As mentioned above, open car transportation is more common compared to closed car shipping. This is mainly because it is significantly cheaper than the other option. This is the best option if you want to transport an old or old car or any standard model vehicle.

Opening cars is generally faster and costs less than the other option. Moreover, there are many more carriers for open car transportation. This means you will have more options and have no trouble ordering a service.

One of the main reasons why car transportation is cheaper is because you can move more cars in an outdoor carrier. On average, a two-level outdoor carrier can carry about 7 to ten cars. More so, an open car carrier is lighter, which means the fuel costs are smaller and therefore cheaper.

However, because the carrier is open, it has potential risks. One of these is an increased risk of sustaining car damage from road debris or other things that could accidentally hit your car as the carrier is open.
Another con of open car transportation is that cars often need to be washed as they will most likely get dirty as the cars are not individually covered during transit. Of course, this will depend on the location.

There are many types of open car carrier service carriers to choose from. The most popular choice is the multi-car, two-level carrier. Other options include the single-level type, often used for carrying expensive cars, and the tow trailer, used for short-distance transportation.

Car Shipping Enclosed

The main benefit of closed car transportation is the increased safety of your car. As the car is enclosed inside the trailer, you can be assured that your car will not be hit by any road debris. This also avoids any debris or object that might fly into your car as the car is securely enclosed inside the trailer. In addition, closed car carrier drivers go through a stricter standard and are usually experienced in handling expensive cars.

Some closed car haulage services also include the white glove option. This option lets the driver give your car full attention and gives you updates and transparency as it is being transported. If the trailer is stuck in traffic, you will know.

If there is a delay, you will know. You will receive updates regarding your car on the road. With the white glove option, you can also choose a single car trailer. This means that the trailer will only carry your car, and the driver will get your car full attention.

The main disadvantage of closed car trailers is the price. Due to the increased security, the price of closed car haulage services is significantly higher than the price of open car freight. In addition, closed car haulage carriers can only move fewer cars, which significantly affects prices. Finally, the carriers of closed car transport services are heavier, and this needs more fuel. This incurs additional costs.

There are generally two types of closed car carrier. The first type is the multi-car type. This is a bit cheap compared to the other type as it can carry up to 7 vehicles depending on the size of the car. The other type is the one or two car trailers. Of course, this type is significantly more expensive as it carries fewer cars.

Final Thoughts

With open car shipping, you will have significantly lower costs but lower security. With the closed car transportation, you will have higher security but also higher costs.

The truth is it depends on the importance of your car and how much you are prepared to spend on the costs of the car. Statistics show that the costs of using a closed car haulage service would be at least 60% more than the open car haulage service.

Now that you have sufficient knowledge about car transportation to Hawaii, you can be assured that you will know which service to take advantage of.

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