HERMES Smart Lock with Fingerprint and Bluetooth Recognition

The Best Way to Protect Your Home !!

We often hear about stories like a neighborhood robbery and a house break-in. We all make sure our home is safe and secure. From CCTV cameras to security guards, we all do everything to keep your home safe and protected. But is that sufficient? After doing all these things, we were still worried about our home, ok?

Taking these measures may cost you a lot, right? Therefore what is the easy, cheap and faster way to protect your home? The answer is – just replace the old door lock with an advance lock. Today we’re going to tell you about one of the famous door locks – Hermes Fingerprint and Bluetooth Smart Lock. This intelligent product comes from Lockibly, known for making great door locks.

So what’s so special about this lock? Why should you use it in your house? The answers to all your questions are in this blog. So let us start with the main features of the Hermes smart lock.

Hermes Fingerprint and Bluetooth Smart Lock

Forget the inconvenient way to open any door; it’s time to move on !! Let us bring the newest technology to our homes by these advanced smart locks. The intelligent Hermes Smart Lock has two-way access! Which means you can open your door in two ways. They are:

1. Fingerprints

Due to its advanced fingerprint recognition technology, you are now free of worries such as stolen keys and locked out situations. The Hermes is specially designed to identify up to 100 fingerprints. Within a few milliseconds, you will be able to unlock your door without facing any difficulty.

2. Bluetooth

Through the Hermes smart lock app, you can easily access and unlock the door on your mobile via bluetooth mode. Fast and safe !!

Hermes Smart Lock Features

Those days were over where we had to keep our house keys securely in our luggage every time we went outside. The new technology is- Your finger is your key !! There are many benefits of having a Hermes smart lock with fingerprint and bluetooth recognition in your house.

Below are some of the main highlights of this amazing lock:

Auto Lock Technology

The best feature of this lock is its auto lock capability. Yes, whenever the door closes, he will lock it automatically after 3 seconds. How amazing and smart is this? Now you can leave your home without worrying about whether or not you locked the door, right?

Smart LED indicator

It seems impossible to unlock the door with a hand-held key in the dark night. But this is not the case with this lock because it comes with an LED indicator. So whenever it detects fingerprints, the LED ring lights up. Not only that, but also glowing in various colors, which indicates success or error.

Why buy a Hermes smart lock?

From 100% protection to easy access, there are many reasons to buy this lock. Let us talk about them one by one:

Easy Installation

After reading so far, you might think it’s pretty complicated to install with all the features? No, this is one of the main reasons why people love this product. It is extremely easy to install with no drilling and wiring.

Durable Material

Don’t worry about the quality, it is extremely durable as it is made of solid stainless steel. An additional layer of metal is placed behind the fingerprint sensor.

Compatible with Any Door

It can fit almost every type of door. So, whether your door is right hand or left hand, replace the old lock with this smart advance lock. It will go with any door with a thickness of 35mm to 55mm.

Various Color Options!

It comes in 3 color variants – Back, Gray and Gold. So, choose your favorite color or choose the one that matches the color of your door.

Weather Resistance and Long Battery Life

Another great thing about Hermes smart coal is that they are completely weather resistant. Yes bring the temperatures from -20 to 60 degrees Celsius. And besides that, they have too 365 days of battery life. Powered by AAA 4x batteries, they can last up to a year!

What do people think of the Hermes smart coal?

Here are some public reviews (taken from Lockibly’s official site), which make people love this product.


“I love this thing, it’s always been the cool thing. You can add several fingerprints without deleting one of yours. It also offers you great security. ”- AAMINAH CHADWICK

Great So Far

“It’s a very sturdy door handle and looks great chick. The installation is also simple. I bought it a few months ago, and it’s working perfectly fine so far. This product is good enough for me to invest money to buy another. The color also looks great! ”- DIVI HUBBARD

Best Smart Lock

“I really like this smart lock. It is high end and a well built product. The installation was not that complicated, it was just like a normal lock. All the other features are amazing. ”- GARRETT NEWTON

Many people around the world tried this product and started to love it just after using a week. The Hermes smart lock it has functionality and security. So why choose another lock when you have many benefits in one lock. Secure your home with a Hermes smart lock and you’ll never have to worry about leaving your home. You can visit for more details and place your order right away.

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