How to Become a Traveling Nurse

Working as a peripatetic nurse has become an attractive option for nurses worldwide. Hoping to continue your career while seeing the world at the same time sounds pretty attractive, but the traveling nurse’s life is not for everyone. Here are a few things to consider before you become a traveling nurse.

What is a mobile nurse?

A mobile nurse is a registered nurse who works for an agency. The nurse will be on assignment in different parts of the world, bridging an employment gap]for a short time. Travel nurses became the first professional option at a time when the nation was facing shortages of medical staff while patient care was needed.

In an attempt to bring in qualified nurses, some healthcare facilities offered to pay higher salaries to anyone who was willing to fill the position, even if it meant relocation. The benefits of higher pay and travel bring nurses into this field.

What level of education do traveling nurses need?

To become a mobile nurse, you need to be educated in nursing with at least a two or four year university degree. A bachelor’s degree is not necessarily mandatory for a traveling nurse, but some hospitals or clinics only hire someone with a BSN. The more education you have under your belt, the better your chances.

After completing a recognized nursing program, you will need to undergo the NCLEX-RN to license to become a peripatetic nurse. Agencies want nurses who also have at least a year of experience in the field. If you are planning to become an international travel nurse, you will also need to study a few additional languages.

Register with a staffing agency

A staffing agency is responsible for linking available nurses to open positions. It is extremely difficult for nurses to land on their own. A nurse needs an agency to get work.

There are many agencies available throughout the United States Companies such as Fusion Medical Staffing agency are a good example of key players that have made the mobile nurse industry a good employment option.

Try a recruiter

If you are just starting out, you may not have much luck going into agencies. In that case, a recruiter can help. As you search for a recruiter, don’t call the first number that appears on a Google search. Do some extra research to make sure you find a qualified and reliable recruiter.

Get a travel instructor

A travel coach is a smart choice for a new travel nurse. This trainer can help you learn what to expect on the job. Travel coaches will help you know how to deal with the shock of new cultures and countries. They will also teach you how to stay professional in new environments.

Becoming a mobile nurse is a great career option. And by following these steps, you enjoy business and leisure in one job.

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