How to Choose a Laptop for Programming?

Laptop for Programming

Are you an IT professional looking for a laptop for programming and coding? If you’re choosing a laptop and facing variety in the marketplace and you don’t know what you need – this article will help you figure it out. You know, many types of laptops for Linux, Revit, programming and more. So today we will help how to buy a suitable laptop for coding.

Please note immediately that there is no general advice on what a laptop should be for development. You still have to choose; we will only help direct your choice in the right direction. You will also find this article useful if you can place an imaginary checkmark next to the following statements:

  • You are (or are studying) a web developer
  • Your new laptop will be your main machine.

Choosing a laptop for programming:

Thinking of buying a laptop? If you are planning to buy a specialized laptop, let’s consider the best options with our TOP-10 rating. There are many types of factors that you should consider before buying a laptop for gaming, coding or programming.


Think about how often you need to change the location in which you work. If you are used to sitting in one place, then a 15+ inch screen will not be a strong deterrent.

If mobility is important, then you should think of more modest 12-13 inch diagonals, which are sure to fit in almost any backpack and will be more comfortable.

Most likely, you won’t need a version like 2 in 1 with a removable touch-screen keyboard. In compactness and convenience, you won’t earn much, and battery life is likely to suffer.


Most budget notebooks have a screen of 1366 x 768 pixels with very common picture quality. Most likely, your eyes will not like the work of such a monitor for a dozen hours in a row.

Fashionable 4k displays will be too expensive. It will not help you in your work, and the battery life will be reduced due to the greedy screen.

Anyway, a screen in Full-HD resolution of 1920 × 1080 with a high quality IPS matrix would be the best option, and it’s best not to skimp on it. And, of course, pay attention to the viewing angles.


As with the exhibition, it’s best not to be greedy. In most cases, an Intel i5 or i7 with a frequency of 3 GHz will suffice.


A working machine with less than 4 gigabytes of RAM is unlikely to be enough, but a variation of at least 8 gigabytes is best taken care of. And if you have some free money, consider investing in 16 gigabytes of RAM. It is very important for improving the performance of laptops.

Internal memory

The title of this item is that way, not “HDD” or “Hard Disk”, because it’s time to think of PVA. At work, speed is essential, when searching on the disk. So when the system is up and running, read / write speeds have long been ahead of the magnetic heads. Also, even the budget options for solid state drives have a service life similar to HDD.

As far as subjectivity is concerned, it is possible. More is better. You should start with at least 256 gigabytes, if you can afford it, then 512. And if you have enough money after investing in 16 GB of RAM, you can buy 1 TB SSD at one time.


You will have a lot to use the keyboard, as you probably guessed. So you have to feel comfortable and pleasant to type. Make sure you press the buttons before you buy. As for the view, it’s a matter of taste. Some people like crushing mechanics and clear echo, for someone it’s important to have a small stroke and ease of pressing.


This moment is more important for those who intend to work for a long time without external energy sources. But please note that the laptop battery has a set operating time of at least 6 hours.

It will be unnecessary to go through the relevant websites with reviews and forums before buying and reading about the fact that owners of such machines write about battery quality.

Operating system

Overall, this article is written for Windows users, as they have the most choice. If you are thinking of getting used to macOS, then you have a small selection among several recent Pro MacBooks with different hardware configurations.

If comfortable working on your laptop under Linux is important to you, some manufacturers (for example, Dell) produce high-quality machines with pre-set distributions.

Discrete or integrated graphics?

There is no need to have a dedicated video card for a programmed laptop, unless you write graphically-intensive games, which you should then check. Modern Intel processors have built-in graphics, whose power is sufficient for most programming tasks.

A video card is not as important for web development as a good SSD or large amount of RAM. Better save on the integrated graphics and invest in something more necessary.

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