How to choose the best WiFi Router for home

In today’s world, the
Internet connection is necessary for every place, to keep the
internet-connected with our mobile phones or any IOT, one needs a wifi router
to distribute the broadband internet signal with its devices. But to choose the
best router is a matter of deciding upon some specific requirements. The selection of routers involves various things to consider.

The more the number of smart
devices or IoT increases the more factors on choosing the best router comes in.
Routers are mainly used for streaming TVs, sharing content over the network,
connecting smartphones over the internet and a lot more. Most people don’t
aware of what to look for in a router while choosing a router for home.
So, here we will discuss
some important points on the steps involved in 
how to choose the best router for Home. To understand how to choose a router you
must know the important feature and point to keep in mind while buying a new

Band Vs Dual Band:

Connections of devices can only happen via
Frequency bands, routers have 2.4GHz and 5GHz which is also known as a
single-band and dual-band respectively. Each has merits and demerits on its
usage and purposes. One thumb rule implies here is choose only dual-band router
because all the latest devices especially smartphones, work better with
dual-band routers.
which wifi router is
best for me to depend on your internet plan and speed you need in Wifi networks.

the covered area: 

Before buying any
router, always determine the area to be covered so you can decide what size
router do I need. For higher areas, you should buy dual antenna routers. But if
you want to share the internet within 1 or 2 rooms then single antenna router
will perform better. It’s recommended choosing dual antenna router always, as
routers are long-lasting and even if you shift to a large area in the future, you
can do so.

  Removable/non-removable antenna:  

The removable antenna has
some extra advantages over a non-removable antenna router. If you are a tech nerd,
you can always choose a removable antenna
router because you can try different high gain an antenna as special long-distance mods. But if you don’t want any updatation on
your router then you can choose non-removable one, and it will save a few bucks


Always choose routers
with higher warranty periods. Your router will be secured from any damages
occurs within the warranty range. So, even if your router gets faulty, you will
get a fully workable device again and keep it running.


The main purpose of the
USB feature is to get access to that USB device wirelessly. Like, you can
connect your USB drive and access its content with the shared devices. Isn’t it
cool? Or you can just attach a printer and make it print pages wirelessly.

 Number of ports:

Though it’s not important, you should consider
this too. The number of LAN ports matters only when you connect more devices
via wired.

enabled technology: 

This feature helps you
to access the printer directly from your mobile, without any need of any PC.
How cool is that?

go CHEAP: 

You will never get good
results by spending less, Router is a long-lasting device, and you should
choose your router wisely and buy the best router to get the best result.
So, here are some tips
and facts visit website, which you should always consider while buying a router for your home.
After reading all the features about a router you can easily decide what router
do I need while planning to buy a router for home?
 Always choose a
router which can support multiple wireless modes such as Access point, client
router and
WiFi range extender mode to boost wifi signal in case router not using.

Author: gerarguak

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