How to Choose Your Destination for an unforgettable honeymoon

Planning your honeymoon is the greatest adventure you’ll ever have in your life, your first journey as a husband and wife. This trip, in addition to the well-deserved rest of the stress of organizing the big day, must represent the celebration of your relationship that has now become “serious”, astonishingly “serious”. For this reason, don’t forget to take the time to organize your honeymoon, especially if you’ve decided to rely on advice from some of the best travel blogs like and to schedule a DIY honeymoon. To do it in the best way possible, follow these 5 steps that will help you choose the ideal destination.

Step 1: The season

The first step, perhaps the most important, will be because the season you leave depends on the climate and therefore the destination. Before choosing where to go, remember that the excellence of the wedding season pairing goes from June to October, which is why most newborns leave for their honeymoon during those often cozy months -to accompany the summer vacation period. Precisely for this reason, it is best to plan the trip at a different time, to avoid unknown faces in your photos, endless queues to visit the points of interest or eating and, above all, typical season prices high. Don’t forget that the seasons are different in different parts of the world, so if you choose an exotic destination, beware of possible periods of rain or forbidding temperatures.

Step 2: Passions of passion

Traveling is an exciting adventure, but not everyone is ready for any kind of trip. If you’re used to flying, love long walks, enjoy listening and speaking foreign languages ​​and visit the most typical places, we recommend you escape the typical honeymoon dedicated to relaxing on the sea ​​only. But if this is the first time you have left your homeland and you have decided to do so on such a special occasion, you must choose a destination not too different from what you are used to, though to avoid cultural shock.

You can still live an amazing experience, but try to be knowledgeable about the country’s customs and don’t be afraid as you can organize the trip in every detail, hiring a guide to help you explore the place. Don’t risk ruining such a beautiful journey by trying to go too far, you can discover new worlds without going too far!

Step 3: Length of vacation

You need to know for sure how many days vacation is available to you in order to choose a destination that will allow you to fully enjoy your honeymoon. The honeymoon myth pushes many couples to choose distant destinations that require time to arrive and they rush to visit everything possible and turn the honeymoon into a tour de force. Fortunately, life is long, so it makes no sense to go crazy when trying to visit as many places as possible in a short space of time, rather it is better to pick only points of interest and dedicate more time to visit.

You already know that when you fly more than seven hours by air, the time zone changes, often shortening the actual length of your stay, so consider the travel days as lost and plan your vacation at the remaining days. Many couples combine wedding holidays with vacation days, so you have more time to visit more distant destinations like New Zealand, Chile or Vietnam. But if you only have 10 or 15 days available for your honeymoon, it’s best to choose closer and more interesting destinations.

Step 4: Country characteristics

Each country is a separate world thanks to all the wonders that characterize it and make it special; for this reason, it is recommended to study in detail each feature of the chosen destination, to know what to visit and how to prepare for the trip. If you visit Africa, South America or Asia, discover gastronomy and climate, two of the main aspects to remember. For example, in countries like Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia or Kuwait, summer temperatures are unreasonable, which is why it’s best to visit them in winter. Monsoon affects others such as India and Nepal at certain times of the year, so it is best to visit between November and March.

Some of these countries have very specific local gastronomy that uses food that we would never imagine as part of a menu, which is why it is essential that you inform yourself in advance in order to avoid unpleasant surprise. It is also essential to find out about the mode of transport in the area, the language and availability of the population, as the concept of education is not the same everywhere. First of all, respect the place where you are staying, try to adapt to the customs of the locals, have fun and take a piece of that foreign land with you to transform the world into a place without borders.

Step 5: Budget

Even for the honeymoon, you still have to deal with the budget and choose a destination that matches the budget you have in mind. There are many travel packages that include visiting different cities and are not over-priced; thanks to these, many couples can afford to visit New York and the Riviera Maya without exceeding the budget.

But if money isn’t a problem for you, you can travel around the world and, with the help of travel agencies, arrange dreamless, unlimited holidays. We advise you to always calculate too much budget, in order to be prepared for any unforeseen events that may occur during the journey, such as transportation problems, currency exchange, potential accidents and extras that you often forget consider them.

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