Samsung Mobile – World’s Largest Mobile Brand

During the last two decades,
smartphones have become an essential part of our daily life. We cannot imagine a
single day without smartphones. On a day-to-day basis, consumer choice is
increase, so to give them the best experience with the mobile phone brands
the latest style and innovation. In 2019, the moving companies sold 1.5 billion
handsets due to widespread use and a handful of consumers in the Mobile industry.
To keep up with time, mobile brands are still trying to provide smartphones that combine high resolution cameras, stylish looks, design, fast processors, new functions, and the like. Many companies are taking advantage of these options dynamically to compete with other brands.
There are so many mobile brands worldwide, including Samsung, Apple, Huawei, vivo, Oppo, LG, and the like. Especially these mobile brands are the leading brands in the world and have a strong position worldwide. Of all brands, Samsung is the world’s largest mobile brand. Hardly anyone who doesn’t know Samsung mobile. Samsung achieved more than 20% of global sales and are in first place.
For the past eight years, Samsung has retained the largest share of the global smartphone market. Samsung mobile is the part of Samsung Electronics. The brand is a South Korean company launched in 1977 as Samsung Telecommunications Network. In the early days they produced analogue phones, fax machines, and the like. After much success in this production, they started investing millions of dollars in researching and finding better technology for their products.
In the early 1980s, Samsung expanded its business in Germany, the UK, Tokyo, Portugal and New York. SGH-100, Samsung’s first smartphone, was released in 1988 in Korea. They then launched the SGH-600, which was the first Samsung mobile phone in Europe. But both handsets didn’t work well in the market. Then they started rolling to come with the next big series.
Samsung is a market leader, and seeks to continually improve product capabilities through its extensive R&D. In 2010, Samsung released the Galaxy S series, which was the first step to take on Apple and actually brought tremendous success to the Samsung brand. With Galaxy, Samsung registered in the Android smartphone market. In the Galaxy series there are over 50 separate devices. Still, now, every Samsung smartphone was bombarding every niche, every price range, and every country. Since then, Samsung has not stopped bringing consumer surprises and hitting the smartphone market every time.
As Samsung ranked highest, they launched its flagship lineup with the S series. When it released the S series, it sold over 24 million units worldwide. Now, this S series comes with premium high end Android devices with fast processor, high quality camera, AMOLED display.
Samsung S series is still a worldwide famous line. Of the Galaxy series, the S2, S3, S4, S7 were the most successful series of Galaxy in the early stage. The Galaxy S6 has a curved display, and this is the first time in the mobile industry. Also amazing was the Galaxy S9 and S9 plus, renowned for an immersive viewing experience with Infinity display and dual-stereo audio speakers. Even in-camera features, they include new and improved technology. So this was the highest moving score at the time.

In the 10th anniversary of the Galaxy, Samsung introduced three new models of the S series, Galaxy S10, S10 + and S10e. This flagship S10 series offered a premium experience and a load of the latest technology. The S10 has a new look, Faster processor, wireless charging, more prominent display, battery, high end cameras, and 5G networks.

Samsung gains huge consumer trust, and for that, every model receives a huge response from potential customers. Samsung expanded a unique design line in the industry. The Samsung Note series is another flagship tablet line. Most people give positive reviews for the note series. The large display, S-head stylus, high-quality cameras, and the fast-paced performance of the Note series make it popular with readers, artists and designers. The Note series has created its own fan zone, which eagerly awaits the new boom every year.
Samsung has the ability to satisfy all stages of people. They launched series A and J series for mid-budget range and Grand and M series for low-budget consumers. In mid- and low-end smartphones, they smartly incorporate innovative technology so everyone can enjoy the best experience.
Samsung had great success with Android. Earlier Android Brands Like HTC, LG can’t match delivery Samsung smartphones. Even Google’s Android partner is still struggling with its own Pixel-branded smartphone. However, Samsung is always a step ahead of Apple in sales.
Samsung also faced some crisis in their successful journey. In 2016, Samsung faced a significant crisis. After the launch of the Note 7, some went on manual fire due to its battery problems. Many airlines refused to carry passengers carrying the Note 7. So the brand had to stop selling the Note 7, and the owners of the Note 7 swapped with S7 smartphones. That’s why they launched the Note 8 series much later, improving security issues.
Samsung recently launched the world’s first screen foldable smartphone. It is a unique and innovative design. But many users began to notice that the Galaxy Fold had started to break after some use for various reasons. Many assume that the polymer screen layer has burst for the screen protector. Samsung Galaxy Fold broke all expectations. So Samsung has promised that they will improve the display and bring more durability.
Although there are some crises, Samsung always treats professionally and gains trust. Still, Samsung is the market leader. However, with the changing technology, Samsung is adjusting to constantly changing smartphones. The competition gets tougher after Chinese brands come along. But Samsung will not give up easily, they will fight for their position and continually bring new surprises.

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