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Adventure Blue Mountain

There is much to love about the beautiful Pacific Northwest and the plethora of activities awaiting outdoor enthusiasts of all skill levels. From Seattle and Portland to Bend and Walla Walla there is plenty to keep adventure seekers busy. If you’re new to the area or just looking for new ways to enjoy your hometown, we’ve got you covered with our top five activities to enjoy in the Blue Mountain region.

Hiking: Experience the Magic!

There are dozens of mountain trails in and around the Walla Walla region for those who love hiking. If you are an expert you will find beautiful scenery and plenty of miles to work up a sweat. However, if you want a more relaxed family stroll you will find easier mountain hikes and beautiful walking trails to enjoy around town. Adding to the attraction of a trip to Washington’s east side is the Walla Walla climate that is warmer and drier than the West side. This lovely weather allows for an extended hiking season so even in early spring and late fall there are trails to enjoy. The miles of trails can open up great possibilities so make time for them as you plan your weekend getaway.

Cycling and Cycling: Walla Walla on Two Wheels

Walla Walla is quickly making a name for cycling as the community hosts the Tour of Walla Walla cycling weekend over the weekend each year. Although there are many great road routes to enjoy, there are miles of trails for the more adventurous mountain biker. Of course, it has always been recommended that unless you know the region very well cyclists stick to well maintained and marked trails.

There are lovely views to enjoy that can be hard to reach on two feet for anyone who is not a marathon athlete so traveling those trails on two wheels is a great way to make sure you catch some of the views depressing that.

There is plenty for cyclists to explore from climbing to the foothills, to quiet bicycles around the beautiful wheat fields. Spend a weekend exploring the area and plan to come back often to make sure you experience it all.

Camping: Your Favorite Travel to Make!

The Blue Mountain area has wonderful natural attractions with long walks in the national forests, spectacular scenic views, and many lakes and rivers for swimmers. Whether you are looking for a couple of nights stay off the beaten path or a campsite with all the amenities, Walla Walla and surrounding areas have you in the spotlight.

There are dozens of accessible campgrounds that serve as a great home for tent campers, or those with a camp trailer or RV. There are also a few log cabin locations, maintained by the forest service, available for rent. Discovering Walla Walla gives you access to 1.4 million acres of Umatilla National Forest that is perfect for exploring on foot, on two wheels or from your car.

Fishing: Relax and Enjoy!

Fishing is definitely one of the most popular things to do for locals and tourists alike. Located close to the Columbia and Snake Rivers there are plenty of species to catch for anglers of any age. From walleye and bass to salmon and steelhead it can be a great way to relax.

There are also several pools that are stocked annually to help guarantee you will be holding something. However, even if you don’t feel a bite on the line, the joys of time spent with friends and family along with the beauty of the area will make your time unforgettable.

You can also choose guided tours if you are new to the area or just want the added experience of a well-seasoned guide.

Snow Sports: Rejoice in the winter

There is something truly magical about living in an area that is home to four seasons and provides opportunities to get outdoors at any time of the year. If you are visiting the Blue Mountain region in winter, don’t be discouraged as there is still plenty to enjoy. The area offers skiing downhill and cross country, snowshoes, sledding and tubing, or quiet walks around Walla Walla and the surrounding towns where you can get a great view of art or history.

Whether you’re visiting the area for a simple day trip or enjoying a long weekend of wine tasting, there’s plenty to enjoy outdoors. Plan your adventurous activities ahead of time by browsing a list of opportunities available by visiting We can’t wait to show you what our beautiful home has to offer.

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