The TN Visa

The TN Visa was made by North America
Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) to facilitate temporary employment in the USA for
authorized citizens of Mexico and Canada. The aim was to strengthen trade and
business relations between the USA, Canada and Mexico. There are two different
forms of TN status that these taxpayers can apply for. Canadians
TN-1 will be needed while Mexican professionals will need TN-2 visas. Native
Neither Canada nor Mexicans qualify for the TN visa. There is no annual quota
for your TN visa which offers all eligible applicants the opportunity to be granted
Qualified under fire
those approved NAFTA professions.
Proof that the place is
the USA needs a NAFTA professional.
Proof that the participant in keeping with the
qualifications and educational requirements of the post.
TN-1 Requirements for Canadian Citizens:
Canadian taxpayers typically do not need a NAFTA (TN) professional.
visa to enter the United States but if the participant wants to come
dependents (married and unmarried children under 21) to the United States,
the participant needs a TN visa. The
dependents are subsequently eligible for a nonimmigrant TD visa. Nonimmigrant TN status could be applied for
at a U.S. port of entry specified by CBP. Letter from prospective employer
detailing things like the specialized ability where you work in the USA, the point
of your job, length of stay, along with your educational qualifications.
Credit test (if applicable), plus any applicable fees.
TN-2 Requirements for Mexican Citizens:
Mexican citizens need TN visa for Entrance to United States.
Upon approval Mexican taxpayers can apply for admission at select CBP
designated US vents or specifically channels before clearing.
Compared to other non-hazardous work visas, the TN is
relatively cheap. Whatever
you decide to request via email, you will be liable for the 460 I-129 request
filing fee. If you are standing at the border or port of entry, you will
had to pay a $ 50 application fee and another $ 6 charge to reach / exit I-94
If you apply at an port of entry, your processing period may do so
need a couple of hours. But if you petition by email, the size of the
the time it takes to process your application will depend on the caseload of your USCIS service
center. You can usually expect it to take about six months to process yours
I-129. But you can choose to pay another charge for superior processing, which will
boost the processing time of your TN application to 15 calendar days. Although excel
processing improves your processing time, it does not increase your
chances of getting approved. When the USCIS fails to process your application in that
time once you have registered the superior processing type I-907, your super
a processing fee will be refunded along with your application being processed
The H-1B visa is a similar nonimmigrant visa, but will have a
a few different differences to think about if you consider both options. The
TN visa retains several benefits over the H-1B. One such advantage is that it
not held to any annual cap. Each year, only 85,000 H-1B visas are allocated.
Because many people ask, the odds of being selected can be a bit slim,
which could be a significant barrier to your own visa. Years with the ability
to be extended to a maximum of six decades. By comparison, the TN can be long and
unspecified number of occasions. The H-1B
it can be much more expensive, although the majority of costs fall under
the company. However, the H-1B is not very limited as it relates to those jobs
applies, where the TN has only 60 qualified professions. The
TN Visa it doesn’t let you do that
and you need to maintain a goal to get back to your home country.
Finally, you have to decide what your goals are in the United States.
before picking between the H-1B as well as the TN visa. You Immigration lawyer
can help you more determinedly from your own unique case.

The practice of renewing or expanding TN status can be
performed by submitting Form I-129 along with evidence of the TN status
holder’s education / citizenship together with a letter addressing the demand for
the expansion. At the stage where the project or TN status formally ends,
people need to leave the nation. Unlike the grace period of H-1B, TN
visas do not have this period. The amount of visa is in increments of
3 decades. If the player wants to expand his employment in the USA after
three decades, there is a choice to renew. There is no limit on the amount
of times each participant can repeat.

Dependents of TN Visa Holder
The spouse of a TN visa holder or children under the age of 21 may be eligible
for nonimmigrant TD status. This status allows dependents to input the United States.
using a TN visa holder and having exactly the same period of stay. There
are a number of limitations to this unimaginable TD status for dependents. Married
and children are not allowed to act while in the USA, however they are
exploration is allowed. Dependents can apply for entry to the USA at Port of
entry or in an audit channel prior to clearing / before a certain flight.

Mexican taxpayers need a visa in order to input the
U.S. as TN nonimmigrants. To apply for a TN visa as a Mexican citizen, then
contact the US embassy or Mexican consulate. On the contrary, Canadian taxpayers
they are entitled to entry (as non-migrants) without a visa. The TN distribution reflects that
specific exception. TN nonimmigrants can be professionals such as engineers,
teachers, accountants, scientists, etc.

How Our Immigration Lawyers Can Help

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throughout the TN visa.

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