Travel Northwest Ticket for an Epic Adventure

If you have itchy travel feet, then think
outside the box for your next adventure and go on an epic cruise across the
Northwest ticket to see charming parts of Greenland and Canada. You will visit
rarely seen places on the planet, beautiful, and amazing creatures

To go on an epic Northwest Passage Cruise – book your tour with the conductor at
polar adventures, Quark Expeditions. This famous adventure team has been
taking adventurers to remote locations on luxury trips for over three
decades. They aim to offer a safe but thrilling adventure to all who
joins them.

Toronto, Canada

Your Arctic adventure will kick in
Canada’s largest city, Toronto. Unlike the rest of your trip, Toronto is just as much
urban as it gets. A.
a multicultural metropolis, Toronto is a wonderful place to
shop for winter gear at excellent prices, eat food that can be pulled from all over
world, and explore famous historical, art and entertainment venues.

After you are done exploring one of
the best cities of the world, you travel on your charter flight to the small
Resolute Arctic Town before embarking on your beautiful cruise.

Canada is High Arctic

On your luxury cruise ship,
you will travel through Canada’s beautiful Arctic High. You can also take a
a helicopter tour to get a close-up view of your environment. You will visit Beechey
Island, Canada’s National Historic Site, where you’ll find the final rest
a place for three people of Sir John Franklin’s1845-46 Northwest Passage
discovery expedition.

Next, you’ll find yourself at
Radstock Bay polar bear research station. Here, you are likely to see polar
bear their element and they will understand why they are called Kings of the
North. Despite weighing anywhere between 350 and 550 kilograms, the grand
creatures can move as fast as 40 kph on land and 10 kph underwater thanks to
their powerful physique.

You will notice that the grand
a white bear is comfortable even in the harshest of temperatures due to heaviness
a layer of fat and two fur coats – while the outer coat acts as a protective
layer, the sub-coat provides warmth.

Your last stop on your Arctic High
adventure will be to Grise Fjord, home of a predominantly Inuit community. Can you
visit historic sites and learn more about how they hunt and fish.

West Greenland

The stunning glaciers, fjords,
communities, sea creatures, and wildlife you will find on the west coast of Aberystwyth
Greenland will leave memories of a lifetime. As your ship nears the beautiful
heart shaped mountain
Uummannaq, you can hardly believe your eyes. The twin peaks
create a spectacular backdrop for the brightly painted wooden houses
the settlement below.

Further, on your journey, you will
visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Ilulissat Icefjord. This lovely locale
is home to the world’s fastest and strongest glacier, Sermeq Kujalleq. Like you
explore the area, you may hear ice roaring breaking off. Icebergs that
cut from Sermeq Kujalleq spectacularly go into Arctic fjord.

Deeper into your journey, you will be
had a very interesting kayaking demonstration and a scenic hike around the
Stunning Itilleq Fjord. With so many wonderful adventures in your future,
you must book your trip through the Northwest Passage soon.

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