Whiteboard Concept – Trying to Choose the Best Solution For Its Creation

Whiteboard tuning

It is a stylish and original tool skilled designer. Imagine a blank page where the magic begins to occur before your eyes: images arise, come to life and present the scenario presented in the kind of sketches the artist makes, which their hand is also present on the screen.

Submitted? This is a whiteboard animation, generally.

What is the purpose of whiteboard animation?

Completing its artistic value in its own right, as a contemporary art, this technique also became one of the sought-after tools in marketing, advertising, and business in general.

Even large corporations and well-known brands (eg eBay or BMG) are successfully applying it now. And some of the videos that use this kind of animation become real masterpieces.

Whiteboard animation is very laconic in its visual design: white or light surface, markers, artist’s hand – and the text or drawings that come out under this hand. At the same time, simplicity allows you to reveal all the subtleties and nuances of the idea you express in the video.

That’s why it’s suitable for many cases at once:

  • Describe complex processes and technologies that the content user considers heavy in text format. Therefore, it is the optimal solution for introducing high-tech products to the average consumer to interest or convey the product idea.
  • To promote a brand or store: laconic style does not negate the originality of the plot and the overall tone of the video. And many brands have taken it to service, so why not join the list, using original videos with whiteboard animation.
  • For learning: Whiteboard animation is rooted in creating comics and cartoons. And this is his strength because everyone with his “inner child” will want to see an interesting, albeit brief, hand-drawn clip. And the information through such a video is absorbed much better than in the text itself or, conversely, in picture form without clear explanation.
  • For business: the use of visual content has long been a good feeling during presentations in business circles. But the times when PowerPoint and other clip art programs ruled the world are long gone. In order for your partners, current or potential, to show interest in your product, you need to captivate and engage them throughout the presentation. Whiteboard animation, as presentation material, is best suited for these purposes.

And now we come to the main question: how to get high quality video products in the style of whiteboard animation?

The options are, in fact, a bit:

  • Create your own using standard online tools. Primitive, repeatable competitors, and competitors certainly have such videos. There is nothing new in this version waiting for you.
  • Get trained in design and start producing your own videos with whiteboard animation – a good way out if you’re planning to launch design projects in bulk and you’re not feeling down for your time, because learning will This technique anyway lasts long enough.
  • Hiring a freelance designer is cheap and easy, but there are some pitfalls: developing a script, creating visual and sound effects, storyboards – will this one person be involved? Are you sure? To maintain high quality and create truly unique content, this is clearly not sufficient.
  • Choose the whiteboard animation company – not always cheap, but the most likely high quality solution. If you are interested in high quality video content that will represent you in the media space, then studios and professional companies will be able to provide it for you.

Why is a Design Company the Best Choice?

  • Because it’s a team, where experts work in various fields, in the field of design and in the related effects, creating stories, administering the whole process, and eventually.
  • Working with a company is a formal contract where you can clearly set out all the terms and conditions.
  • And yet – this is an opportunity to get your product very quickly, because its development will be done immediately by several experts, who, for their part, will be able to complete their part of the task quickly.

To achieve lofty goals, there is no need to save on the quality of those funds you plan to operate. And in the case of whiteboard animation, this principle is more relevant than ever. It’s better to turn to the pro team than have a primitive product that doesn’t shoot in the market but becomes a waste of money. Your money.

Author: gerarguak

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